Journalism is more than 140 characters with #UNITY12. You coming to the Seattle mixer Tuesday??

Journalism is more than 140 characters at #UNITY12. I still remember hearing about  Alex Tomas Tizon’s (former Seattle Times, now at LA Times) narrative writing session at UNITY in Seattle.

At UNITY 2004 in DC, I picked up tips on how to run a great presentation from Sewell Chan (New York Times’ deputy editorial editor) that I use every day now at our 10a news meeting. 

I can’t wait to see what I learn in Vegas this August at UNITY12. Here are some sessions I’m saving for later under the tag “journalism that matters.” (A concept I am borrowing from former Seattle Times editor at large Mike Fancher.)

Oh, and don’t forget about our Seattle UNITY mixer on Tuesday at Lucid Lounge in the U. District at 6p. 


Have you been editing yourself to fit into tweets? Check out these great sessions to revive the narrative journalist in you.

Register by Friday for the best rate on UNITY12. We’ll see you Aug. 1-4 in Las Vegas.

Resurgence of Long-Form Writing
Long-form journalism was thought to be a thing of the past, but with the rise of tablets and e-readers, many journalists are discovering that people still like to read. This workshop will give journalists the pointers they need in developing the long-form story into a great nonfiction narrative. We’ll discuss how a journalist can produce a well-developed piece that will have an impact on readers.

Strengthening Investigative Journalism
This workshop explores techniques needed to tackle an investigative report from gaining confidential sources to meshing the information together into a focused story. Investigative pieces can take months, even years, to research. We’ll discuss records analysis, public records databases and how to scrutinize government and business practices. We’ll also talk about researching social and legal issues, getting the most of subscription research sources such as LexisNexis and how to handle on-the-record, and anonymous, interviews. The Freedom of Information Act, both federal and state, will also be discussed.

For a look at other UNITY12 programming that will take your journalism to the next level, go here.