It’s Paul Cheung’s 40th birthday. Let the bombing on social media begin #pcheungis40

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here to get through this thing called… Paul Cheung’s 40th birthday.

Let the bombing on social media begin. Paul’s fans can do more than type “happy birthday” on his Facebook wall. After all, he is our global-interactives-managing, Instagram-bombing, data-loving, responsive-designing AAJA president.


1.┬áCeate an innovative, visual social-media birthday post. (Note: Typing “happy birthday” on his Facebook wall is neither innovative nor visual.)

2. Include in your post the hashtag #pcheungis40 

3. Tag Paul on Facebook or on Twitter (@pcheung630) or stick the post on his Facebook wall.

Here are some ideas, from the very easy (<1 minute) to the very difficult (many hours):

Photo: Of you with a sign that says “40,” uploaded to Facebook

Vine: A Vine video of you saying, “Happy Birthday” with a “40” somewhere in the shot uploaded to Facebook and Twitter

GIF: An animation with a “40” in it posted to Facebook. (Example of a simple, very sweet GIF made by Seattle Times producers:

Video: A crazy crowdsourced video a cappella song tribute like this:

Tips, links from social media #IN-NW session w @moniguzman @markbriggs @westseattleblog

Thank you to everyone who came to our session on “The media on social media” at IN-NW, a social media conference organized by the Seattle Chamber. In a career first, I have now spoken at a conference that Sir Mix-A-Lot also presented at.

Here are the tips and links from my remarks:

Use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to manage Twitter.

Facebook is a better place to start discussions and pose questions than for straight news alerts.

LinkedIn Groups are a great place to build up your reputation as an expert.

Use to schedule tweets so you don’t have to manage it all the time.

Use to automatically send you email or SMS alerts when someone tweets about you or starts to follow you.

For measuring engagement, use and

Here are the stories I mentioned during our presentation:

A Twitter dialogue between Matt Hasselbeck and me about his Windows Phone became a blog post on The Seattle Times’ Microsoft Pri0 blog. Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeckgoes with a Windows Phone.

This story idea and content for this Seattle Times Today File post came from Twitter. Restaurant and hotel deals during viaduct closure.

A Microsoft Bing tsunami relief campaign on Twitter backfires. Bing gets flamed on Twitter over Japan earthquake campaign.

A Twitter chat on the chances of Steve Ballmer buying an NBA team turned into a Seattle Times Microsoft Pri0 blog post. Recap of Twitter chat on NBA, Seattle and Steve Ballmer.